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PIXER Graphic Design: Committed to excellence!

As a full-service graphic design agency we are committed to doing far more than creating clever communications. Rather, we create a complete web of engagement, connecting target audiences with clients' brands, products and services.Our integrated services include print design, identity, branding, video production, web design, and software education training.

A Brief History

PIXER Graphic Design Studio started back in 1998 when, owner/operator, Anthony Ezzo graduated from the University of Akron. Anthony started off with many clients, from American Greetings, Master Builders, and freelancing for large agencies like Wyse and Doner. PIXER was originally GRAPHICATION, but in 2004 when event video was added into the company, a new name had to emerge. PIXER has always been a small, friendly studio, were we believe in personable customer attention and satisfaction.





2070 North Bay Dr.
Cleveland, Ohio 44094
Fax. 801.795.0347

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